1) What is your Minecraft username and age?
My Minecraft name is Frost_Alpha, but will be changed to TealSpeed in eight days and I'm 17 turning 18 in august
2) What time zone do you live in?
3) What is your availability?
mostly one to three hours a day per week and around 2-4 on weekend depending on school/family events

In your own words, and in a short paragraph, tell us:

4) What do you think a server moderator does, and how do you feel you fit this criteria?4
A moderator is a person/ player who helps other players and helps keep the server in order. I feel like I meet the criteria because I am very kind and very open to help people. I put others ahead of myself. I have been admin, moderator, helper, staff, and other high leadership on a few servers with different rules for staff and players.
5) What is it about this server that keeps you playing here?
The kind community , the friends I have made on this server while playing my favorite game/mod in Minecraft; Pokemon. I also play on this server to support one of my best friends DarktillDawn. We knew each other when the pixelmon mod which got demoted was in version 1.7.10 and we came best of friend and still support each other to this day.

Tell us how you would react if the following situations occurred while you were online.

6) If a player began using threatening or excessive bad language towards another player, what would you do?
i would ask them to stop and tell me what is going on with the situation , if it continues get a higher staff to deal with it
7) If a player was found to have grieved a building, what would you do?
I would see if there is a higher staff to deal with it , so i wont make the situation worse.
If a player came to you and claimed they lost items, what would you do?
i would ask what item they lost. check with them on where they think they had it last. help them see if it in ender chest, inventory, base chest, etc. I would mostly help them get some of the stuff back if fully lost the items.
8) Is there anything else you feel we should know while considering you for moderator?
Next September is when i start senior year in high school, I might be a bit busy but i will find ways of getting on.
I am one of those people that goes all out of support a team/class or a purpose/reason.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for help/moderator.